Episode 155: 2017 Year Ender

Its the end of the year, and oh what a year it has been. So we all got together to talk about it. This episode is split into two parts: the first part with OG co-hosts Angelo and Justin and the second part with Yves and Rich. We cover all the nerdy movies, tv shows, games, and even some of comics that made this year. The great, the not-so-great, and the super-questionable (*cough* Bright *cough), it's all here in this almost obscenely long super episode.


Episode 153: Justice League Review and more Punisher

Yves and Jaime finally got around to discussing Justice League, and also some more of The Punisher on NetFlix. They address the high points and low points, as well some of the controversies (skimpy Amazon costumes, oh no!), along with what is truly wrong with Henry Cavill and the new version of Superman. Plus a bunch of DC TV, movie, and other random nerd  tangents.