Superpower Debate, Teleportation to Crappy Locations vs Infinite Shitting

(This was pulled from a Facebook conversation about a poem Justin wrote)

"Not that this is particularly important, but when you say 'the ability to shit infinitely' do you actually mean 'the ability to shit on command'? Just saying infinite shitting implies you are actually perpetually shitting. Believe it or not these are the types of comedy writing minutiae that keep me up at night." Actual thing considered by me about Justin Woo poem...My life is different from other peoples...

·  Angelo D'Argenio You can shit whenever you would normally shit but you can simply choose not to stop and continue to produce shi

·  Justin Woo What Angelo D'Argenio said

·  Angelo D'Argenio In addition, the makeup of your poop is what it would be on average. Shitting infinitely can also not hurt you or cause bowel or anus distress, only the stress pooping normally would give to your anus.

In short, it works on comic book logic.Why can The Flash run so fast without wind resistance tearing his skin off? Cause his power has to work, that's why. Same deal here. You can't hurt yourself by shitting infinitely, and you produce what is essentially the same shit you would normally produce. But it also doesn't grant your bowels extra protection so you can't, like, swallow a gun and shit infinite guns cause you couldn't pass it in the first place.

·  Angelo D'Argenio Similarly the same logic applies to the one way teleport. You are able to one way teleport to an incredibly inconvenient, sucky, shitty location miles away from civilization. That's your power. As soon as the location becomes convenient you can't do it anymore.

·  Angelo D'Argenio Obviously the first thing people try to do when they have any superpower is break it, like when the flash vibrates his molecules to blah blah blah. In short, you can break these powers as much as you want but you CAN'T make them something the power isn't. By definition, the one way teleport is to a place that cannot help you and, in fact, actively hinders you by sucking. It can help you in as much as you can get there in an instant but you can't make the destination not suck because that's your power "One way teleport to a place that sucks.", and by definition, shitting infinitely is just the ability to produce infinite shit when you normally could and nothing else.

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